Boblbee Chrome Backpack


the birth of Point 65 Sweden as well as the innovative Boblbee hard shell backpacks, we are releasing a limited edition of the Boblbee GTX 25L with unique details and a Chrome finished shell. 

The shell is Chromium finished on all sides and made with a true chrome procedure, no foil or other knock-off "chrome". Furthermore, we have developed our own unique shade of chrome which is slightly darker than the typical chrome plating, and the result is magnificent. 

The commemorative harness has a silver lining instead of the usual black and features a silver zippered phone pocket and top-pocket zipper. The inside pockets are specially customized in light gray to match the distinctive chromium finish of the shell.

Reliable and built to last. Ultra stylish and with great attention to detail and finish. A truly unique innovation that is so much more than a backpack, namely essential safety equipment. The GTX offers extended ruggedness for heavy-duty use. Equipped with an aerodynamic dome to help airflow and to give extra water protection.


FIRST TESTER (civilian) of the Chrome GTX 25L is Motographer (@themotographer) who is taking it with him and his Ducati 1299 Pinigale across Australia for the The Ultime Power Trip 360 2017.
Read more about the journey which started on Septmeber 1st.