48 thoughts on “Fall Giveaway - Win A Limited Edition GTX 25L Platinum! (Contest Over)

  1. avatar Mario auger says:

    It will be great to have one of thèse

  2. avatar John A Westerlaken /Passion Pictures Inc. says:

    I am riding a MGX-21 Motto Guzzi Flying Fortress and rocking the carbon Fibre back pack.
    The bike is the Italian response to what a bagger is.
    ITS A FULL CARBON FIBRE look after you go for the 6G upgrade.
    Ha Ha
    They nailed it and
    you guys to.

    Will send pick of the recipe .

    Love the design !
    Got 2x brief case so cool!

    Best I ever run !

    On set at work the producer said is that your enigma machine?

    I said

    “ kind of I write my invoices to you with it.”


    Build it in carbon Fibre the brief cases !

    I am in.

    More colours will get some attention .

    Give the side pouch option phone on strap.

    Bigger pouch for larger phones on pack and briefcase would be cool.

    Zipper pulls weak broke two already .

    More bright pulls would be cool.

    Trying to figure out lighting for both?

    The orange interior and pockets work .

    Need some dome light LED concept and charging system built in USB .
    Cool to have a light .


    John Westerlaken


    Passion Pictures Inc.

  3. avatar Mark Peregrina says:

    The best all around backpack + spine protector in one amazing bag!!!


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