Harness Boblbee GTX 20L

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Seperate harness for the GTX 20L Boblbee backpack. Also compatible with the previous Peoples Delite Aero. 

The harness attaches to an ABS shell with screws, rails and nuts to make a compelte backpack. This product consists of the harness part only with an option to include screws and nuts.

Additional parts needed for a complete GTX 20L pack:
20L Shell
Rails for 20L pack
GTX Buckle
Delta hooks set of 2
Note, if you want to make a complete backpack and need all the parts it is more cost efficient to purchase the backpack as a complete product. Click here to view options ⊳


✔︎ Complete harness
✔︎ Standard waist belt
✔︎ 2 Cargo straps
✘✔︎ Option to include - 14 12mm torx screws, 4 16mm torx screws, 4 nylon washer, 18 stopper nuts