• Boblbee GTX 25L

    Boblbee GTX 25L

    US$ 285

    Our top of the line backpack and most popular product. New increased safety and comfort.

  • Boblbee GTX 20L

    Boblbee GTX 20L

    US$ 275

    July offer! Includes a high visibility reflective orange exchangeable shell. For the times you need to be extra visible.

  • Boblbee GT 25L

    Boblbee GT 25L

    US$ 195 US$ 235

    ​A supreme companion for your frequent travelling, weekly biking, and occasional skiing.

  • Boblbee GT 20L

    Boblbee GT 20L

    US$ 185 US$ 225

    The slimmer hard bodied alternative

  • Boblbee GTO 20L

    Boblbee GTO 20L

    US$ 195 US$ 245

    Sale on discontinued GTO-series.

  • Boblbee GTX 25L Carbon

    Boblbee GTX 25L Carbon

    US$ 895

    Premium version of our most popular award-winning pack in exclusive ShockLiTe Carbon fiber.